Winston Chester of Panhandle Outdoors & Glasstream – Show You How To Cast A Net

Step 1
Hold net by horn, full length, in left hand, in front of body.

Step 2
With right hand grab net about half way down and make loop and place in left hand. All of net should be in the left hand.

Step 3
With right hand grab the lead line in the back center and throw over left shoulder.

Step 4
Extend right leg out and get three to four scoops of net (almost half the net) over right leg.

With right hand, palm up, grab net from right side of leg.
Step 5

Rotate shoulders and body counterclockwise.
Step 6

Cast outward and slightly upward.
Step 7

Congrats your net is cast.


About glasstream

Glasstream™, a 32 year company, is a Fishing and Pleasure Boat Manufacturing and Design company. The 25,000 sq ft. facility on 1.8 acres of land is located at 1143 E. 15th St., Panama City, Florida. Kruis Retherford is the company President and the company’s original founder, A.L. Kirkland, is the Chief of Operations. Glasstream™ presently manufactures fishing and pleasure boats, ranging from 17’ to 36’. Each model is a new design and is a product of over two decades of research and development. Glasstream™, a trademarked company, has such a unique, state-of-the art hull design that is has earned a copyright/patent. Glasstream’s™ product line was brought on by demand of the experienced boater who wants it all; performance, style, uncompromising quality and value. The hull originates from the 1988 race boat “Turn of the Century” which went on to take the APBA Divisional Championship in Key West the same year. Developed as a race prototype, the Glasstream™ hull was one of the first of its kind to be built. This was a radical, new technology at the time but has now become the trend for such performance, v-bottom boats. The step radically improves handing and performance, reducing the amount of drag, initiating more lift. The end result: A very fast, dry and soft ride. Glasstream’s™ quality construction is evident upon first glance and even more so after a hard look; A 100% wood free construction. Everything from the upholstery to the rub rail is made from non-deteriorating materials. The deck and hull are completely glassed together. The stringer system is a molded, foam filled, fiberglass grid system. All the wiring is in tin with heat shrink terminals and breakers that are allocated for each accessory. All boats carry a 10-year hull warranty.
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